The precious is here!

The new lens (35mm f/1.4L) arrived yesterday! And holy shit I can see why people rave about L-series lenses (for those not in the know, L-series lenses are Canon’s absolute top-of-the-line insanely high-quality lenses). It’s absolutely amazing.

kungfupolarbear and I met up for lunch yesterday, then wandered around the garden sitting area just across from my work and took some photos.

Seriously, just wow. It focuses extremely quickly and totally silently, and the bokeh is just stunning. I could go on for ages, but I’ll stop now. 😉 kungfupolarbear assisted with getting the cropping right on those three pics… she really has an amazing eye for what works and what doesn’t. I can look at a photo and see that the cropping doesn’t look good, but specifically why, and how to fix it, often eludes me. 🙂

Then I took another photo tonight, with the flashes.


So yes. LOVE. 😀


The stop-over in Oberon ended up being unnecessary, as it was quite a bit closer to Bathurst than we realised. The place we stayed at was clean, but that’s about all that could be said about it. The bed was exceedingly uncomfortable, and poor kungfupolarbear ended up with a very sore back from it.

BUT! The farm stay more than made up for it. We got there a bit after two in the afternoon on Sunday, and the weather was absolutely perfect. The owner, Elaine, was really friendly, and we had free rein to go around and say hello to all the animals. They had horses, a pony, sheep, chickens, and alpacas, though we didn’t see the alpacas. There was also a very friendly border collie, who absolutely delighted in all the attention we gave her.

We fed the horses and the chickens, and kungfupolarbear got to feed the lamb and hold a chicken! I had relatives who had a farm when I was growing up, but kungfupolarbear has never had the farm experience before. It seriously should be something everyone gets the chance to do.

Tonight we went and saw UNKLE at the Sydney Opera House. Given they’re an electronic show, I was surprised at how much electric guitar and rocking there was. It was quite good though.

And now, it’s time to collapse into bed. Before I do, here’s a couple of my favourite photos from the farm stay. The full set is here.



I am going places

The stubbiest pony in the world!


On Sunday afternoon/night we went up to Dreamwood International, which is a very fancy name for a little B&B about an hour’s drive away from us. It was so nice, though. The owners were really friendly, the place was absolutely spotless, and when we got there they had freshly-baked scones with fresh cream and home-made jam waiting for us!

They breed border collies, golden retrievers, and alpacas. We got to play with the border collies, and went for a walk with the owners as they were feeding the alpacas on Sunday night. They are such ridiculous-looking animals! kungfupolarbear got a few really good shots of them. My photos were mostly of the border collies.

We timed it very nicely, too… on Sunday the weather was nice and sunny, but yesterday when we woke up it was all wet and dreary. All in all it was a really nice and and relaxing weekend. We’ve had a five day weekend due to Easter Friday and Monday, and Anzac Day falling on the Monday as well (Anzac Day is a public holiday too, so the public holiday from Easter Monday got pushed over to Tuesday). \o/


Naturally, naturally, right before a five day weekend I’m coming down with a horrendously sore throat. OF COURSE. I bought Betadine sore throat gargle and hopefully will be able to nip it in the bud before it turns really bad. :\

In happier news, since we have a bunch of photographer-type people at Atlassian, we organise semi-frequent walks to just go out and take a bunch of photos. We had one today at lunch where we wandered up to The Rocks, and I finally managed to break my photographical drought (the last photo I’d uploaded to Flickr was over a month ago)! \o/


On a brighter note than the last entry, I’m loving our camera and I think I’m coming along quite well with the photography skills. The 100mm lens is absolutely amazing. I’ve put some of my recent favourites under the cut.

New Life


Leman Russ Demolisher



Work’s been going great, we ordered a shiny new Core i7 MacBook Pro which shipped today, and Lily turned 3 on Tuesday! I can’t get over how quickly that’s gone by.

This weekend has been atrocious though, because Lily has this horrendous chesty cough. It sounds loose and she seems to be coughing stuff up at least. She’s not all grumpy during the day thankfully, but at night she just can’t get a proper sleep as she keeps waking herself up with her coughing. She sometimes coughs so hard she almost gags. 🙁 I got probably four hours sleep at the most on Friday and Saturday nights. I’m dropping her off at her mother’s place at about 4pm today for Mother’s Day, so I’ll at least get a single good night before going back to work tomorrow.

kungfupolarbear will have been married for an entire year in exactly one month! Craziness. No idea where that time went either. The weekend after our anniversary is a long weekend, and one where we don’t have Lily, so we’ve used the voucher I got when I started at Atlassian and have booked two nights at the River Oak Lodge in Kangaroo Valley. The voucher was for $500, and even after the two nights we’re left with just under $200 on it. Woo!

And of course, I’ve been continuing to take lots of photos of everything, heheh.

Well, it looks like our luck may be turning around! kungfupolarbear had an interview this morning for a QA position at a place only about ten minutes drive from our house, and she did so well they want to get her in for a second interview next week!

I’ve gotten two more responses to jobs, both for interviews, one is also about ten minutes from here, and another is in the city. The first is a Mac service-type job, the second is for a company called Atlassian that makes software development tools and are apparently pretty huge, from looking at their customer list! And next week should be when I hear back from MyMac as well.

Myself and a few ex-Apple people went for a photo outing today, we just went wandering around the city and Darling Harbour, I managed to get a few good ones! And from my lowly point-and-shoot PowerShot S5, no less.

Maritime Heritage Centre


It’s been a little while since I’ve updated here (I feel like every update I make lately has started with that sentence, heh).

I’ve been fiddling with a co-worker’s Canon 5D Mk II at work.

I’m Watching You (taken with Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM)
I'm watching you

The Statue of Diabetes (taken with Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM)
The Statue of Diabetes

I’ve been having fun in Forza 3 not only racing, but in photo mode too. And I still have an obsession for American muscle cars. Help! I never used to even like them. 🙁

It’s been a little while since I’ve done any photography. The first photo is a slightly older one I hadn’t gotten around to uploading yet, and the second was taken this evening.


Also, fyi, being sick really sucks. Just so you know.


kungfupolarbear‘s spouse visa got approved! 😀 It’s a temporary one, and once two years comes up they automatically change it to the permanent one.


And of course, it wouldn’t be an LJ post of mine without some photos!


Industrial 1


Industrial 2