I’ve got a Sony-Ericsson T630 mobile. xenex found a Mac OS X 10.3 theme for it a while back, and recently found a 10.4 one.

I’ve now haxored the Blue Sun logo from Firefly into the background picture. 😉

Woo! Another new computer. 😀

It’s for work, however.

Still, top o’ the line! 2GHz, 160GB HD, 512MB RAM, 128MB Radeon 9600, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth.



Ah dear… We’re sitting at a restaurant waiting for dinner to arrive, and I’m bored so I’m updating my LJ. 😀

LJ2ME is love.

Mmmm, RAM…


I’m going to get another 1GB stick eventually.

Also, on my eMac (work machine) :

[Rage:~] virtualw% uptime
14:49 up 105 days, 21:19, 1 user, load averages: 0.66 0.53 0.52

Mmmm…ordered a 1GB stick of RAM for my PowerBook today. 🙂

And I’m watching all of the Buffy episodes again. 😀

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve updated. 🙂 Not that I’ve been doing all that much of interest, heh.

Mostly just watching Buffy and playing a bit of World of Warcraft. I’ve finished the Buffy DVDs I have (Seasons 1-4), and have finished the first half of season one of Angel. 🙂 Going down to the Mall probably tomorrow before work to pick up the rest.

My iPod mini finally arrived too! 😀

And I’m heading to Polymorph with __stripped, superhez, and dr_nic Tuesday next week to get my labret pierced. 🙂 __stripped is getting a spiral thingy for her ear.



magic the gathering is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

That’s especially amusing considering my friend and I went down to the Mall yesterday and bought a box of boosters each (36 boosters, each booster contains 15 cards each. $180. Yes, I am an über-geek).

Yay! The iMac has finally arrived! 😀

Well…it actually arrived last week. And it was an US model, so they had to change the power supply over to an Australian one. I came in and grabbed it Thursday afternoon, powered it up…and there was this two-inch-thick lines of pixels down the side of the screen that were distorted and ghosting. 🙁

I dropped it back on Friday, and the guys in the repair centre fixed it all up. 🙂

Now, waiting on the damn iPod Mini…there’s only thirty-five-thousand on back order. D:

Well, we had our big Halo 2 LAN yesterday. 🙂 It was most excellent fun. Lots of team battles and just all-out kill-anything-that-moves. 🙂

We had 11 people all up, including xenex and noogles. The last of us ended up going to bed at about 4 in the morning.

Heehee…I just plugged my iPod in to update it…

I now have 666MB of space left on it. 🙂 Even my iPod is metal.

Speaking of which, my “Jesus is f’ing metal” t-shirt arrived a couple of days ago (along with the other three shirts I ordered). 😀 (And lord_fryingpan was kind enough to drop them off on his way home after work).


I got my green P’s. 😀

And a haircut.

And my local EB are having a midnight launch of Halo 2!


I now have 256MB of Compact Flash lovin’ in my camera. 🙂

So no more having to choose between dropping the resolution down to 1024×768 or running out of space when taking pictures at, say, 21sts, for example!

Well, we were going to have an Xbox night at my friend’s place last night, so I lugged my Xbox and all it’s associated shit over…and no-one else turned up. Fuckers.

So we drank alcohol and played co-op Halo until 5 in the morning. 🙂


I’ve just finished setting up my AirPort Express and was testing the signal strength on mum’s laptop, out in the loungeroom…and I can see the neighbour’s wireless network! And it doesn’t have a password on it. 🙂 Barely any signal strength, it keeps dropping out, and doesn’t show up at all if you move away from the very corner of the loungeroom. But still… 🙂

Now that I think about it, that could have been why the signal strength to our AIrPort Extreme base station was bad…the two networks might be on the same channel and are interfering.

/me tests that theory.

UPDATE: Bingo! Next door’s network was indeed the problem. I changed the channel that the AIrPort Extreme connects on to 12 (from 10) and we’re consistently getting 2-3 bars of reception (out of 4 maximum).

Whee! My Bluetooth (for the non-geeks of us, read that as “wireless” :)) keyboard is here. 😀

My never-ending war against cables moves up another notch!