So many concerts coming up!

Next is both nights of the Black Crusade Tour (Arch Enemy, Machine Head, Shadows Fall, and Trivium) on the first and second of November at Luna Park. After that is Gigantour II (DevilDriver, Lacuna Coil, Static X, and Megadeth) on the sixteenth, also at Luna Park. Then is Behemoth in December, then Iron Maiden in February next year! \m/

And more shiny toys!

I almost forgot, I had my end-of-year performance review today, and I’m getting an 8.7% pay increase! 😀

I ordered one of the new AirPort Extremes earlier this week, and it arrived yesterday… holy crap having wireless speeds the same as 100BaseT ethernet is awesome. 😀 It was an absolute cinch to set up, too… I ran through configuring it all at work, put it into bridging mode (since I’m still using my existing network as well, I don’t need it doing any routing), plugged it in when I got home, and BOOM. Über speeds.

My parents are using my old PowerBook, so I’ve got two wireless networks… the 802.11g one from the old AirPort setup, and the new Extreme is set to 5GHz 802.11n-only mode for just my MacBook Pro. Works very nicely. 🙂

Looks like my daugher will be a rocking child, satanic_angel… first of May tomorrow and she’s still not here! 😉

Man… “my daughter”. Never thought I’d be saying that. I like it, though. 🙂 And I’m pleased it’s a girl rather than a boy. No idea why.

And on a totally different subject, I bought Guitar Hero II yesterday. And even this has reminded me that I have no musical talent whatsoever… I cannot keep time to save my life. I’m trying to either tap my foot or count “1, 2, 3, 4” in my head at a constant rate, and whenever the guitar starts differing from that, so does either the tapping or the counting. Gah!

So, I’ve caved in and ordered a new laptop! I figure I should get all of my big purchases out of the way before I move out.

That’s my excuse, and I’m sticking to it. 😛

Wow. I was looking through my iTunes library at the “Last Played” dates… there’s a few songs in there I haven’t listened to since the end of 2002! And a bunch more from 2003.

With ~7000 songs in my library I guess it’s hardly surprising that there’s songs I haven’t listened to for that long, but it still amazes me.

Mmmmm, 500GB of hard disky goodness.

Also, catching the bus to work makes the week pass so much slower. 🙁

We had our AppleCare Excellence Awards again today, I scored a Wireless Mighty Mouse for my customer satisfaction results. 🙂

And I’ve got a white MacBook as a resource machine now, so my desk at work is looking mighty geeky!

I reckon I could still fit another machine on there, though. 😉

Happy birthday to me! 23 today. 🙂

And I finally hit Level 60 in World of Warcraft! 😉 </nerd>

And how’s this for pointless wankery… a little remote-control car that you steer via Bluetooth from your Sony-Ericsson mobile phone!

(No, it doesn’t drive around connected to the phone… it’s charging at the moment. :P)

(Disclaimer: This is splashed‘s, not mine. :P)

It’s here!


(Mine’s the one with the PowerBook on it… the other is a co-worker’s machine, who isn’t in today so I’m commandeering her monitor :D).

w00t! More new toys. 😀

You seriously don’t realise how small it is, even with these pics, until you actually hold one in your hand. 🙂

I’ve got a Sony-Ericsson T630 mobile. xenex found a Mac OS X 10.3 theme for it a while back, and recently found a 10.4 one.

I’ve now haxored the Blue Sun logo from Firefly into the background picture. 😉

Woo! Another new computer. 😀

It’s for work, however.

Still, top o’ the line! 2GHz, 160GB HD, 512MB RAM, 128MB Radeon 9600, AirPort Extreme, Bluetooth.



Ah dear… We’re sitting at a restaurant waiting for dinner to arrive, and I’m bored so I’m updating my LJ. 😀

LJ2ME is love.

Mmmm, RAM…


I’m going to get another 1GB stick eventually.

Also, on my eMac (work machine) :

[Rage:~] virtualw% uptime
14:49 up 105 days, 21:19, 1 user, load averages: 0.66 0.53 0.52