I am very much enjoying living by myself! Just the sheer freedom of not having to worry about anyone else here is fantastic.

The only thing more awesome will be when kungfupolarbear is here!

I should also add, not having to deal with an overly anal-retentive passive-aggressive bitch is fantastic too (meaning my former roommate Mel, not Sammi, hah). I’m just dealing with her part of the bond that I owe, since she moved out and I’m still here. The notice of lodgement says it was $1740, and we both paid half, so that’d be $870 each. I messaged her saying that, and she’s arguing the point and thinking it should be more, not realising that the amount that we actually paid included a week’s rent. It turns out apparently it was a bit more than $870… all of SEVEN DOLLARS more. ffs. Who the fuck cares about $7?

kungfupolarbear can vouch for it, too. Mel’s boyfriend was living with us too (who I’ve actually known for many years now) and he’s great fun to hang out with. Except for when Mel is around… she’s just totally controlling and generally not nice to him at all. I really wish he would realise he could do so much better and just dump her. They were together for like six years before they broke up, but unfortunately they got back together again. I suspect it’s just familiarity more than anything else. Ugh. Not that it’s any of my business but still.

I’m cooking some tomato pasta sauce at the moment and decided to snap a few random macro photos. And do some Photoshopping.


Stove knob from the past!




kungfupolarbear got a call from the Australian Embassy today, she needs to send off the last bit of paperwork then the visa will be approved!


Of course, we’re still not sure exactly when she’ll be over here, but it’s definitely happening!!

Last night was fucking excellent. The first two bands (All That Remains and 36 Crazyfists) were very average, but Lacuna Coil and DevilDriver ruled. Getting there horribly early actually worked out pretty well, I was up the very front for the entire concert, and I was hanging out with two people that’d come up from Melbourne to see the show.

Lacuna Coil’s set was a bit short (admittedly with four bands playing no-one really gets a long set), but they played one of the songs from their upcoming album “Shallow Life”… if that’s any indication of the quality of the rest of the album, it’s going to be fucking awesome. (The song is “Spellbound”, it’s on their MySpace page if you’re interested). They said they were going to be out here again before the end of the year on a headlining tour! Oh fuck yes!

And DevilDriver put on an awesome show as always. They always look like they’re having a whole shitload of fun up there. And of course the music is headbangingly fucking AWESOME.

Well, balls.

I’m seeing Lacuna Coil and DevilDriver tonight. The confirmation email I got when I ordered the tickets said 5pm so I left work an hour early. I get here and there are very few people here so I fire up the ticket place’s website (hurrah for iPhones!) and it says 7:30pm. God dammit!

At least I have my music. Sigh. ::twiddles thumbs::

Also, I should mention that I am now SANS ROOMMATES! They moved out on the weekend. 😀 I’m paying a shitload of rent for the moment, until kungfupolarbear gets here, but it’s so worth it. The lounge room is extremely empty right now, since all the furniture except the lights and the coffee table were my roommates’. And Lily has her own room now! And she’s got a proper little bed too. 😀

And Mum bought her this for the door:

Guess what, more photos! I had dinner at Mum and Dad’s, and Lily was helping Mum make the dessert (baked apples, and they were nom nom nom!).


I’ve been reading Strobist all day at work, and got all inspired by this entry on apparent light size. I was up at mum and dad’s last night and made a DIY reflector (link for instructions), and used that tonight in place of an umbrella for these photos. I’m very impressed with how they turned out! I did a very slight brightness bump and a crop in Aperture, other than that they’re exactly how they came off the camera.


I took a couple of macro photos of the barbecue at Mum and Dad’s at the end of last month, but they weren’t particularly interesting. I did some adjusting of the curves in Photoshop today, and this is the result. I’m quite pleased!

Barbecue Grate

Barbecue Knob

I’ve uploaded the two original photos, before I adjusted them.